Tennessee during the time of American Civil War

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Owing to its strategic location, Tennessee was the main target of Union groups during the era of civil war in America. It was the lone Confederate state which was successfully brought under the control of Union armies. The invasion began in the year of 1862 which ultimately culminated with the defeat of Confederate forces. Western portion of Tennessee remained in the grip Federal forces for remaining period of war. After capturing Tennessee, martial laws were imposed in towns like Jackson, Columbia, Nashville, Memphis and so on.  Hence the entire period of 1962 is a landmark event in the history of Tennessee.

The plan to raise confederate flag turned down by Tennessee County


A commissioner in the Tennessee County had come up with the plan to raise the flag on the courthouse. This plan has been overwhelmingly turned down by the rest of the commissioners as they did not find the plan to be relevant with the County’s history. Commissioner James Randolph had come up with this proposal as he felt that it was crucial for their County’s history. The commission in the Green County voted against this proposal by a huge majority of 20-1. The historians and residents of the County don’t really seem to be agreeing with Mr. James Randolph and they said that this flag would actually misrepresent the history.

One of the historians said that before the civil war all the people were pro-union and they had come up with a convention named Greenville Convention of 1861. This county has been a home to the previous president Andrew Johnson who was actually loyal to unionist culture. The courthouse is home to the monument built for the soldiers of the civil war and it has witnessed one of the biggest pro-unionist meetings ever held in the region. You might be thinking about the reason behind such proposal made by Commissioner James Randolph. Though no one has been agreeing with him, but Randolph has been still of the view that this proposal would preserve the history of the County and show respect to the soldiers who fought the Civil war. Vintage products should never lose their charm and you must learn to show respect to them. You must also learn to maintain them in order to remember any vintage car or monument. For example if you have a vintage car and you want some of the best accessories for them then you can click here to get them.

Randolph might have tried to take a step further to show respect to the soldiers of the Civil war but it didn’t turn out to be the way he wanted. Most of the historians said that Green County has always been anti-confederate and this idea would never go well with the true past of the makers of the county. The Mayor David Crum has responded strongly against this resolution and he said that it seems to be a rebel banner to him. He said that this Confederate flag does not have any place in government entities of the region.


Tennessee New Logo

Finally, in some non-gun crime related news, the new state logo has been trademark approved! The Governor has finally allowed the bill to pass. Here’s a quick look at what it’s like:


Phew. The logo has been criticized because it looks ridiculously simple, yet the administration have reportedly spent almost 50k hiring an agency to come up with it. The reason why this works, because the logo is simple, provides a consistent brand across all states and helps keeps things simple.

What do you guys think about the new logo?

Roberta Edwards

Okay, so I have yet another article on how someone was shot and killed. Big surprise.

Roberta Edwards, was doing missionary work in Haiti and was killed by a gunman. The local community in Tennessee mourn her death, and wish her all the best with the world.

Cop Killed In Tennessee

There was yet another brutal case of gun crime last Sunday, when an off-duty cop was killed in a shootout with a neighbour. Seriously?

Now they are saying that there isn’t enough evidence to charge the neighbour with murder. What? Apparently there are many different stories about what happened when the officer exchanged words with his neighbour. After that, those people were shot. Although it is still not clear who are the ones who are guilty here, Lorenzo Clark, the suspect is being held on a $100,000 bond of possessing a firearm.

Although tragic, the officer who died was not in complete police uniform when it happened, but has used his service weapon in the ensuring shootout. This is brutal, because the shooting is not being treated as a death of an officer, because the officer who died wasn’t technically on duty at the time.

It is worth pointing out that the suspect surrendered peacefully after trading shots with the officer, shooting him multiple times which resulted in a death.

The police department has strong words for what has happened in the community. It is emotionally draining, he said to go through this on pretty much an annual basis. Oldrige, the officer is the 2nd to be fatally shot in 3 months. Olridge has a fiancé who is 4 months pregnant.

If you’re wondering why all I talk about is gun related crime on this website, it is because these are the first pieces of news that come up when I do a Google search for ‘Tennessee news’, other than the sports pieces which I just tend to ignore. And I think that’s sad, seeing that this is the only country in the world where gun crime happens with such incredibly alarming regularity. According to the Economist, there is a mass shooting happening in America at a rate of one per day. That’s insane. Here’s John Stewart’s take on the whole issue:

Tennessee Shooting

In the latest news at Tennessee, three students have been hospitalised due to a shooting at a party near the state university early yesterday morning.

According to police reports, a large house party was held, when 3 men arrived and did their best to break in and get inside, but they were turned away by the people actually doing the hosting. After which, shots were fired outside the party. We’re still not sure of why those shots were fired, or why those men were there in the first place, but the thing we do know, is that 3 men have been shot, 2 20 years old and a 19 year old. All of the victims have been brought to the hospital.

Although there was a gunshot wound to the head, the 19 year old is said to be in critical condition. Most of the attendees at the party are students at local universities, partying the night away at a local house.

There are many descriptions of the suspects that are available, and we urge you to come forward and give us your take on what is right and what is wrong. We want to catch these people and put them away, at least for a long, long time.

The suspects were wearing hoodies, one green, one purple and one grey. The incident is still being investigated by the police. Honestly, I think we’re all a little sick of gun crime, and the kind of violence it brings to the community. I have friends from all over the world who think that America is pretty much the scene of a violent shootout every single day, purely from the amount of coverage mass shootings get here.


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