There was yet another brutal case of gun crime last Sunday, when an off-duty cop was killed in a shootout with a neighbour. Seriously?

Now they are saying that there isn’t enough evidence to charge the neighbour with murder. What? Apparently there are many different stories about what happened when the officer exchanged words with his neighbour. After that, those people were shot. Although it is still not clear who are the ones who are guilty here, Lorenzo Clark, the suspect is being held on a $100,000 bond of possessing a firearm.

Although tragic, the officer who died was not in complete police uniform when it happened, but has used his service weapon in the ensuring shootout. This is brutal, because the shooting is not being treated as a death of an officer, because the officer who died wasn’t technically on duty at the time.

It is worth pointing out that the suspect surrendered peacefully after trading shots with the officer, shooting him multiple times which resulted in a death.

The police department has strong words for what has happened in the community. It is emotionally draining, he said to go through this on pretty much an annual basis. Oldrige, the officer is the 2nd to be fatally shot in 3 months. Olridge has a fiancé who is 4 months pregnant.

If you’re wondering why all I talk about is gun related crime on this website, it is because these are the first pieces of news that come up when I do a Google search for ‘Tennessee news’, other than the sports pieces which I just tend to ignore. And I think that’s sad, seeing that this is the only country in the world where gun crime happens with such incredibly alarming regularity. According to the Economist, there is a mass shooting happening in America at a rate of one per day. That’s insane. Here’s John Stewart’s take on the whole issue: